African tourism


There are certainly good African countries to live and work in.

We take a look at the top 8 countries in Africa to live or work in, as gathered from expats, migrant workers and tourists.

1. Mauritius

The small island country known for its lagoons, beaches and reefs. In 2020 the World Bank officially classified Mauritius as a high income country. The country has low taxes, no inheritance or capital gains tax. Little wonder it ranks high in the list of African countries to live and work in.

2. Seychelles

The country consists of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean  off East Africa. It has many beache, reefs and is home to several rare animals such as the giant Aldabra tortoises. Some of the tourist activities that are popular in Seychelles include snorkeling, diving, surfing. Its one of the world’s smallest countries and is relatively safe.

3. Botswana

Botswana is a landlocked country in the southern part of Africa, defined by the Kalahari desert and the Okavango delta. The country has a high adult literacy rate of over 86%. It has been consistently ranked as one of the least corrupt countries in the world by Transparency International. Botswana is well known for its national parks, game reserves and the country reserves around 38% of its total land mass to these.

4. Ghana

Ghana shares borders with Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Togo while it spans the Gulf of Guinea, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Ghana has lush forests, diverse animal life and miles of sandy beaches. It’s one of the relatively most stable countries in the continent. Ghana was ranked among the most peaceful countries in Africa

5. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an island country consisting of 10 volcanic islands. Quality of life ranks highest in the United Nations index of West Africa.

6. Namibia

Namibia is in southwest Africa and is home to diverse wildlife and a significant cheetah population. It is a higher middle income country rich in natural resources such as diamond, uranium, gold, zinc, copper etc.

7. Tunisia

Overall Tunisia is rated as one of the safest countries in Africa and one of the best value destinations. The country has a significant presence of over 3,000 foreign companies (which bodes well for working from the country). Tunisia has been ranked one of the best countries in North Africa in terms of use of digital tools for economic purposes, according to Africa’s Development Dynamics report.

8. Morocco

Morocco ranks 3rd in on the list of countries with the best quality of life in Africa. With a population of just about 37 million, commute time in the country is considered as ‘moderate’. Language and culture may be reasons why it may not be a very easy place to live or work in for many people. However overall the positives outweigh the negatives for anyone looking for best places to live or work in Africa.


Africa, the second largest continent in the world, is packed with breath taking places, ancient treasures, vibration cultures, amazing wildlife and amazing scenery. There are certainly lots of interesting countries and places to visit in Africa.

With 54 unique countries to explore in this ‘Garden of Eden’, deciding where to go in Africa can prove to be overwhelming. In this article, we have been able to pick seven amazing countries, each with their distinctive features as to why you should pack up your bags for the next vacation.

1. South Africa

South Africa is surely among the best places to visit in Africa, located right at the tip. It is famous for its beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and fascinating cultures. It harbours places like the Kruger National Park which is one of the largest game reserves.

The country has some of the worlds best wineries located along the Cape Winelands. The best time to visit South Africa is during the warmer months, November to April.

2. Botswana

Botswana is another special country if you are a person who enjoys wildlife and the great outdoors.

The main entry part is through the capital, Gabarone that actually lies on a border with South Africa. In Botswana, you will be able to explore some of the worlds best national parks. The Okavango Delta is a premier Safari destination of 15,000 square kilometers with exclusive out of the way lodges for game drives, Safari walks and boat trips.

The best time to visit Botswana is from May to August when the days are often times cool but still sunny.

3. Namibia

Namibia, a beautiful country located in Africa’s southern corners. It is characterized for its dramatic scenery, wildlife wealth and a home of local African culture.

One of Namibia’s tourist highlights is the Safari at Etosha National Park. A visit to the ghost town Kolmaskop and driving the stunning skeleton coasts are considered as ‘must-dos’. May to October are the best times for a visit because the weather will be sunny and virtually no rain.

4. Zambia is known overtime for its adventurous scenery and stunning landscapes. The Victoria falls and Mammoth set of water falls leave good impression on many tourists who have visited before.

Victoria falls is among the seven wonders of the world named after Queen Victoria. Interestingly, the falls are neither the tallest nor the widest but they hold the world’s largest single sheet waterfall record. It is best advised to visit from November to April, during the rains so as the witness the falls in its greatest capacity.

5. Ethiopia

An amazing fact is that it is the only African country that was not colonized leaving it to have absolute control over it’s undiluted African culture. It is a very affordable country that can be visited all year round.

A capturing site is the Hara’s walled old town known as one of Islam’s holiest places. Lalibela in the highlands harbours eleven Churches hewn from the Rock and sometimes referred to as Africa’s New Jerusalem. The country will give food lovers an authentic food and culture tour.

6. Kenya

If you’re a lover of Safari, then Maasai Mara National Reserve is the place to go in Kenya. The government has made it a priority to ensure that the national parks and other facilities are accessible, safe and well maintained for tourists.

Some highlights of the country include watching the Great Migration in Maasai Mara, relaxing at Diani Beach, seeing pink flamingos at lake Nakuru, having breakfast with giraffes at Giraffe Manor and many more.

7. Mauritius

Located off East Africa’s coast in the Indian ocean, Mauritius is thought of as the honeymoon destination. It has a subtropical climate with sunny weather alongside a warm temperature experienced all year round. There is a range of immersive experiences that shine a light on Mauritian culture.