It is unsurprising that when it comes to famous footballers, everything around them is inspected and noticed, including their dress and hairstyles. Footballer hairstyles are one of the most contentious issues in their profession. Many unique hairstyles have become iconic markers for footballers over the years.
When the new season begins, the 90-minute competition will deliver you fashionable hairstyles. Players might be classic, elegant, wacky, or even shocking.

Check out some of the worst haircuts in football history:

1. George Berry

George Berry on Cyrille Regis: 'He was a shining light' | Daily Mail Online

Football Focus readers voted George Berry as Stoke City’s all-time hero. After leaving his first club, Wolves, he stayed for eight years, from 1982 to 1990. Berry had previously assisted Wolves in winning the 1980 League Cup.

He achieved notable success in both football and business. He was known for his unusual afro hairstyle.

The afro has an aura, and it was the ideal style for football players of various origins. Berry joked that it would be a shame to bring up his afro and beard.


2. David Seaman

David Seaman reveals he STILL has his ponytail at home in weird new video -  Mirror Online

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Arsene Wenger lost his life trying for a replacement for goalkeeper David Seaman, and he is one of three defense representatives voted in the top ten players in Arsenal history.

He is well-known not only for his superb ball-holding abilities, but also for his ponytail. A pudgy face and a ponytail helped him become one of the top goalkeepers for many years, keeping clean sheets.

The former goalie, on the other hand, sold his hair for 10,000 pounds to raise funds for charity. He donated the entire sum to Bobbi Moor’s foundation, which is dedicated to researching cancer disorders in the United Kingdom.


3. Jason Lee

Jason Lee says Baddiel and Skinner abuse 'went too far' after blackface and  crude jokes - Daily Star

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Jason Lee had established a name for himself in English football by the mid-1990s, having played for 22 different clubs. Unfortunately, he may be remembered more for his hairdo than for his performances on the field.

Jason Lee’s hair looks like he’s got a pineapple growing on his head. It may be unjust that Lee is recognized more for his horrifying hairstyle than for his dedicated work efforts. When someone made fun of his haircuts, he took it personally and saw it as racial prejudice.

4. Rodrigo Palacio

What is going on with Rodrigo Palacio's rat-tail hairdo? | For The Win

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Rodrigo Palacio and his mouse tail deserve to be ranked seventh on the list of the most unusual hairstyles of all time. In 2005, the Bologna striker joined Argentina’s national squad. With his frequent appearances in all competitions and a rising number of goals, he appears to be a time traveler.

Rodrigo Palacio created a big impression at the 2014 FIFA World Cup with his 70cm rat-tail. The rat-tail cut is located off-center of his back-middle of his head and is usually braided. On the field, his hair looked like an uneven rat-tail, according to many football fans.


5. Benoit Assou-Ekotto

Benoit Assou-Ekotto - News, views, gossip, pictures, video - Irish Mirror  Online

Benoit Assou-Ekotto has been a member of the Tottenham Hotspur team since 2006. After impressing in the 2009 League Cup final, he won the starting left-back position with Tottenham Hotspur.

The footballer’s hairdo is frightening, resembling an electric shock. Assou-unusual Ekotto’s hairdo has contributed to his growing popularity. He may even serve as a public service announcement to avoid using electrical equipment immediately after washing his hands.
He is provocative and defies stereotypes, yet he is also funny and honest. It elevates him to the position of most interested Premier League player in London.

6. Gervinho

Does this former Liverpool and Newcastle United man have the worst haircut  in Premier League history? - Football Shirt Collective

Gervinho is a soccer player from Ivory Coast. He is now a striker for Serie A side Parma and has represented the Ivory Coast national team. Gervinho went from being a clown at Arsenal to an expert who blew his opportunity to becoming a special card in the hands of Coach Rudi Garcia at Roma.

Unfortunately, people frequently refer to him as having strange hairstyles and wearing a characteristic headband. Gervinho attempted to conceal his baldness by donning a huge scarf. It’s difficult to envision an Ivorian footballer without it.

7. Bacary Sagna

Bacary Sagna | Hair styles, Cool haircuts, Braided hairstyles

Bacary Sagna is a French footballer who has mostly played for the France national team. In addition, he is the finest right-back in the Premier League and can even play center-back or wing-back.
Fans are interested in his personal life in addition to his professional career. 
Because of his vividly bleached pigtails, he was easy to detect on the pitch. Because of his blindingly yellow bleached braids, he was easy to spot on the grass.

8. David Beckham

David Beckham's Best Haircuts | SoccerGator

It’s incredible that a man who is regarded as a global fashion icon disappointed the audience because of his braided hair. When the attractive man emerged with his awful hair, the entire world was taken aback. His unique hairstyle will undoubtedly be a lasting memory in his life. Beckham has also stated that he regrets his hairdo. He has since reverted to a more palatable style.


9. Ronaldo Nazario

SportMob – Ronaldo apologizes to 'all mothers' for 2002 'horrible haircut'

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima (born 18 September 1976) is a Brazilian businessman, the president of La Liga club Real Valladolid, and a retired professional footballer who played as a striker.

During the 2002 World Cup, Ronaldo opted to shave everything on his head but that bit of hair, making a mockery of men all over the world and one of football’s worst haircuts ever, similar to Gervinho, who saw their hairline gradually recede to their foreheads.

Some would claim that winning the golden boot and sending Brazil to win the trophy resulted in one of the worst haircuts in football history.

10. Taribo West’s Braids

Taribo West: "I only have Inter in my heart. Moratti? Extraordinary person  and president. My age? 44, it's the truth!" — FedeNerazzurra

Every time he came onto the pitch for Nigeria, the defender was known to have green braids of varying lengths and shapes. Throughout his career, he changed them to match the colors of his club teams, making him look like a worn-out kitchen mop.

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