All Banks USSD Codes for Recharging Your Mobile Airtime in Nigeria

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  1. Godswill says:

    MTN reply prompt requested for a PIN. what PIN is these?

    1. pacodas says:

      For which bank?

  2. Apostle Bright Agans Funkebi says:

    I just did it with my UBA account and it worked successfully it,s not a scam, I just bought airtime few minutes a go from my uba account using my phone number

  3. PST Tim says:

    What is FCMB ussd code for third party line please?

  4. bigbash86 says:

    That UBA own is a scam!They keep telling me that my number ain’t registered with them…

  5. SMITH HELLEN says:

    how to buy airtime for third party on union bank

  6. Abubakar kebbi says:

    Eco bank is not working

  7. Amoge says:

    Please uba is not working

    1. pacodas says:

      Please ensure you use your registered phone number.

  8. Ope says:

    Please, how to recharge for a 3rd party from skye bank?

    1. pacodas says:

      For now customers can only top up their registered phone number.

  9. Apase Pinky says:

    Wema bank code isn’t working. Why?

  10. Muhammad Daba says:

    This of heritage bank is not working. It said to me is not available. Thanks

  11. Dimma says:

    Aving been trying to buy airtime using ecobank. And av done it thanks to you guys

    1. pacodas says:

      You are welcome

  12. Cynthia says:

    Diamond bank code isn’t working. Why?

  13. Imran says:

    UBA is not working

  14. Aliyu says:

    Union bank is not working after asking for your account number,i hope its not a scam?

  15. Temi says:

    pls the code for diamond bank is not working for, am a glo subscriber’ pls help

  16. Nasiru says:

    What about that for Jaiz Bank?

  17. Wascom Joe says:

    That of Diamond Bank is not working, its keep saying invalid code

  18. Ben says:

    A correction please, Skye Bank’s USSD code for airtime top-up is *833*Amount# only from the mobile number registered on your account.

    1. pacodas says:

      Thanks for the correction.

  19. Ibrahim MG says:

    That of union Bank is not working all

  20. Apase Pinky says:

    Pls can sum1 help with code 2 recharge of air time for 3rd party from Wema Bank Acct. Pls can any1 help Pls.

    1. pacodas says:

      dial *322*035*PHONENUMBER*AMOUNT#

  21. Na me! says:

    GTB top-up for other numbers is a scam! it keeps telling me that i have exceeded N20,000.00 limit! like really?!# Who recharges up to that amount? Na only N500.00 i dey try recharge oh!! Abeg Ino try for me. How i go dey do??

    1. pacodas says:

      it works type *737*amount*phone_number#

  22. K4KU74N3X says:

    Jaiz bank nko?

  23. Saheed says:

    Thanks for sharing these recharge codes, Admin

  24. Auwal abubakar says:

    Please UBA is not working

  25. ufuoma says:

    uba code isnt responding

    1. pacodas says:

      Did you use Use *919*phone number*amount#?

      1. Aloysius Ikedieze says:

        Yet it’s not working
        What can we do?

        1. Chuks says:

          Which one is not working in particular?

  26. Femiflexzy says:

    The uba code is not working

    1. pacodas says:

      We have updated the code. Use *919*phone number*amount#

  27. Femiflexzy says:

    Please the code for uba is not working

    1. pacodas says:

      We have updated the code. Use *919*phone number*amount#

  28. farida ladan Ado says:

    union bank plz

    1. pacodas says:

      The USSD recharge code for Union Bank is *389*032*amount#.

  29. farida ladamn Ado says:

    plz I need dat of union bank

  30. Bukola Awosanya says:

    Thanks for this ino. Please can you kindly list the mobile money transfer codes too especially those of first bank and ecobank

    1. pacodas says:

      See Mobile Money transfer codes for banks n Nigeria

  31. Jackie says:

    please How do I deactivate my Skye and Ecobank mobile top up

  32. Ayodeji says:

    Can we recharge other networks with Zenith Bank? If yes what is the code

    1. Dauda Waziri says:

      You can only recharge your phone with the number you provided to your Bank.

  33. andre says:

    nice one admin…this was really helpful

    1. pacodas says:

      You are welcome, thanks for stopping by.

  34. judescski says:

    Wht abt CBN?…pls when I tried UBA it says “incorrect shortcode” pls help

  35. ayobami says:

    Union bank pls

  36. Charles says:

    How can I deactivate my diamond and heritage bank own? Pls help. Some one is tampering with my fone

    1. pacodas says:

      The easiest option is to lock your phone with a password or PIN. Another option is to call Your bank’s customer service line to change your recharge pin. To change or reset your USSD recharge pin on diamond bank call 118. For heritage bank call +234-1-236-9000

  37. presty says:

    Am using union bank and the code is not include pls i need it

  38. Joe says:

    I need the union bank code to load

  39. Maurice says:

    Thanks alot for this Vital info.. God bless you big

  40. andre says:

    nice tips tnx alot..buh how do i recharge another number in ecobank..

  41. olumodeji Benjamin says:


  42. Mo6slime says:

    FOR DIAMONDBANK dial *302*amount #

  43. obomovo isaac says:

    I need unity bank USSD pls

    1. pacodas says:

      We have updated it, thanks



    1. pacodas says:

      For FCMB USSD recharge code dial *322*214*amount#

  45. Hakis says:

    Am operating Union Bank which is not included . Email that of Union Bank please

  46. isaiah says:

    Diamond bank please.

    1. pacodas says:

      We have added Diamond bank USSD code, however, it’s currently available for only Y’ello account holders.

  47. kemmy says:

    diamond bank is not here. pls i need it

    1. Seun says:

      Diamond *302*amount#

  48. Tampon says:

    Ecobank the most useless bang av ever seen

  49. ify says:

    Whenever I try the codes, it always show me please try again letter.

  50. awesome post, i will able to learn a lot from one position because I have over 3 bank accounts and your page has it all.
    thanks for the detailed post

  51. mikey says:

    asobank need

  52. Victor Udoh says:

    Keep it up

  53. Peter Taiwo says:

    Fcmb needed

  54. Musa Abdullahi says:

    I really appreciate your effort on enlighting us. Thanks but I am operating with FCMB which is not include in your list. Pls. I need their code

    1. Chuks says:

      We will try and look into that. Thanks for stopping by and please susbcribe to get email updates

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