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What does Amazon, Walmart and Google all have in common?

Apart from having white owners and all invested in technology products, they are one of the richest companies who churn out billionaires of dollars in revenue.

These companies did not achieve this status overnight. They started off in garages, parks and with just a desk before blossoming into becoming the leading companies in their field.

This article is about the twenty richest companies in the world, in no particular order.



Established by Sam Walton in 1962, Walmart is a retail American company which operates on a hypermarket scale. It sells a wide variety of merchandise (clothing, food items, beverages, pharmaceuticals, books, home supplies etc) through discount stores, super centers, neighborhood markets, as well as a robust online platform.

With over 10, 000 shops in 25 countries, its annual revenue is $542 billion.

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec)

China Petroleum & Chemical corporation produces and distributes a variety of petroleum and petrochemical products ranging from diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, chemical fertilisers etc. The company also known as Sinopec is one of the largest petrochemical, oil and gas companies in the world.

It is controlled by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. It has revenues of $355.8 billion.


Amazon, which started in a garage in 1994 is worth is currently worth $1.7 trillion and is owned by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos.

The company is an online marketplace where you can buy anything. With a revenue of $380 billion, it is the largest internet company in the world when it comes to revenue derived

Amazon has further launched into the entertainment sector with Amazon prime-a streaming platform and its purchase of Movie Company, Metro Goldwyn Meyer for $4 billion is seen as a bold move into the American movie industry.


Earlier this year, Apple was named the most valuable company in the world.

The company, which was founded by late Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniack in 1976 have an annual revenue of $275billion.

The company started with producing desktop computers and has later moved into developing iPhones, Smartwatches, Smart TVs and the rest. In 2020, the company became the first company to have a 2 trillion market cap.

Over 500 Apple stores are dotted across the world and they employ over 1500,000 personnel.

United Health Group

With a market capital of $387 billion, the American insurance and health company has a revenue of $257 billion.

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway was founded in 1839 as a textile company and gradually metamorphosed into conglomerate having investment in multiple other businesses such as food, insurance, media, sports etc.

Warren Buffet is the currently the CEO of the company and with a $650 billion market capital, it churns out a revenue of $245 billion.

JP Morgan

JP Morgan is not just one of the oldest banks in North America, it is also the largest in America and the fourth largest in the global community.

Established in 1871 by JP Morgan, it currently has a revenue of $200 billion.

Its market is $471 Billion.

Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that produces and sells cars, buses, trucks as well as vehicle parts and equipment. The manufacturing giant has a revenue of $246 billion with a net income of $14.4 billion.


The South Korean company, which was founded in 1969, is into electronic products and has a presence in 80 countries.

Its revenue is around $210 billion and market capital is $441 billion.

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is a Saudi Arabian based company that is into Oil and Gas. As a result of Saudi’s large oil reserves with over 300 barrels, it is a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting countries.

Saudi Aramco went public in 2019 and is regarded as the third most valuable company in the world and with a cap of over a trillion dollars, its revenue is around $240 billion.


Alphabet which is a subsidiary of Google was established in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page while still at Stanford University.

With a market capital of $1.9 billion, it made a revenue of $183 billion.

As part of its efforts to expand its business, the company, while using one of its subsidiaries Waymo, invested in Uber and recently launched Alphabets books, a platform where little children can have access to quality literacy lessons.


Microsoft, which is worth over $2 trillion is regarded as the second largest company in the world.

The company was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975 and they produce software for computers.

The operating system developed by the company which is known as Windows has brought huge profits and shot the company into global prominence.

Its estimated revenue is $147 billion and has over 200,000 workers.

The company recently unveiled ‘Microsoft Garage’, a safe space for remote workers to work effectively.

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When we talk of contemporary billionaires, we talk about Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and the likes.

They are billionaires as a result of the wealth they have accumulated over the years. Historically, people tend to identify Solomon as the wealthiest king.

However, the wealthiest king in the history of mankind is Mansa Musa.

Do you just raise an eyebrow? Well, people who studied a bit of West African history are not strangers to this West African king.

Mansa Musa was a West African emperor who ruled Mali in the 14th century. It is believed he was worth as much as 400 billion dollars.

This made him the richest man in the history of mankind.

Mali was an empire that was rich in Gold. The gold mine was owned by the king and trading with it, alongside access to taxes and customs from Trans Sharan Trade, which the Empire dominated made the king’swealth.

Hence, it can be said that the wealth of the Mansa Musa was gotten from the Gold reserves in abundance in Mali.

To know more facts about this billionaire emperor continue reading this article.


1. He was Known for Many Names

Mansa Musa was known for many names.

Although his official name is Mansa Musa, he was also known as the Lion of Mali, Conqueror of the Lion, the Lion King, Lord of the Mines and Emir of Melle. In Europe, he was known as Mansa Musa. And Musa in the Christian religion means Moses.

And the title Mansa itself means King of Kings.

2. He Became Emperor by Chance

In Mali, when a king is about to go on a journey, he appoints a custodian.

When such a king does not return, the custodian becomes king. Musa was declared a custodian when King Abu Bakr II did not return from a voyage of exploration of the Atlantic Ocean.

And in 1307, Musa was declared the Mansa and thus became the 10th emperor of the old Mali Empire.

3. He was the First King to go on Pilgrimage to Mecca

His pilgrimage to Mecca was the talk of the Middle East and Europe.

This made him the first black African king to go to the Middle East for pilgrimage.

The pilgrimage, which he undertook in 1324 saw him show off the wealth of Mali.

This was a journey that put the West Africa on the map of the world.


4. The Pilgrimage was Known for its Flamboyancy

During his trip to Mecca, his escort consisting of 72,000 servants was extravagantly dressed.

They were adorned with Persian silk gotten from the Arab world. The horse he rode was dressed in a garment of gold and 500 servants carried his gold staff.

Gold laced camels carried 300 pounds of gold each. Musa gave out the gold to strangers, beggars and even gave it out as gifts to kings, scholars and Imams.

His exploit was felt in Egypt that 12 years later, the people there were still singing his praise.


His Singular Action Caused Inflation in the Middle East

The gold he gave out to people as gifts led to an inflation that devalued the resource itself and increased the prices of goods.

A decade after his visit, the region still could not recover from the inflation.


6. Musa Built Famous Architectural Wonders

On his return back to Mali, he built the first set of mosques and learning centers in Gao and Timbuktu. He used his wealth to attract the best engineers and architects from Spain and the Middle East to build the Djinguereber Mosque and the University of Sankore.

It was during the reign of Mansa Musa burnt bricks were first used for building in Sub Saharan Africa.


7. Mali Became a Center of Knowledge During the Reign of Mansa Musa

He used his wealth to attract scholars such as Abu Isak, who is also known as Al-Sahili.

Inspired by the education in the Middle East, he built the University of Sankore and Timbuktu into a world renowned learning center where scholars from the Middle East converged to learn Medicine, Mathematics, Science, Astronomy, Geography and other prominent subjects.


8. Mali Became the Most Popular and Largest Empire in the World

His extravagant exploits got to Europe and caught the attention of explorers and adventurers.

As a result of this, Europeans, especially from Spain and Italy traversed the Sahara Desert to come down to Africa and see the empire where gold littered the street of Mali.

By the time of his death, it believed that the Mali Empire encompassed present Cote‘d Ivoire, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, the Gambia, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau.


9. In the History of Man, Mansa Musa is the Richest

Celebrity Net worth in 2012 identified Mansa Musa out of over twenty people as the wealthiest person of all time, beating the likes of Warren Buffet, the Rothschild Family and Bill Gates.


10. Mansa Musa is Regarded as the Greatest Ruler in West Africa

Scholars of West Africa history regard Mansa Musa as the greatest ruler in West Africa. Not just because of his wealth, but because he was a brilliant administrator who ruled the kingdom effectively. Under him, Mali expanded to almost all of West Africa and he established diplomatic relations with other Kings as far as Europe.

No wonder Omari, scholar of West African history of North African history wrote about Mansa Musa, ‘Mansa Musa is different from all Kings of the Sudan, he is the richest, powerful, fortunate and very feared by his oppositions, not only is he able in administration, he is widely loved by his people.

Although the lavishness of Mansa Musa’s trip to Mecca has been a subject of controversies between scholars, one thing they have agreed together on is the fact that he is one of the brightest rulers West Africa has ever produced.

Even after several centuries of his death, his legacies still live on.

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Nigeria is home to millionaires and billionaires of all kinds and it is not surprising when we see them flaunt their wealth.

There are certain jobs people look forward to do because of its influence and the wealth you will accumulate.

Banking is one of them.

There is a belief by people that once you are hardworking and determined, you can become a billionaire and this is true.

This article will identify a number of Nigerians who had made it as billionaires in the banking sector.


  1. Pascal Dozie (Diamond Bank)

Pascal Dozie, who graduated from the London School of Economics is the founder of Diamond Bank. He cofounded African Capital, a venture company and Kunoch Limited.

He served on the management team of MTN Nigeria Communications as the Chairman and Co-chaired the Commonwealth Business Council


Pascal is believed to be worth $1.1 billion.


  1. Tony Elumelu (UBA)

Tony Elumelu is one of the most popular African financiers that came out of the continent.

He owns the largest percentage in UBA and he is worth over $1 billion and has been regarded as one of the richest men in Africa by Forbes.

He founded the Tony Elumelu Foundation that gives a grant of $5000 to emerging social entrepreneurs across Africa the African continent.

Tony Elemelu owns Heirs Holding, an investment company that has invested across Africa.


  1. Jim Ovia (Zenith Bank)

Jim Ovia is worth over $900 million dollars.

This is as a result of the profit he has gotten from the bank he founded Zenith Bank.

Apart from being the chairman, he also has the largest stake, which is 9%.

He founded the communication company Visafone, which was later acquired by MTN.


  1. Afolabi Adeola (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Afolabi Adeola co-founded GTB with a colleague. He managed the company as the CEO till 2002 when he retired.

He currently manages FATE Foundation, a social enterprise that gives opportunities to emerging entrepreneurs to thrive. Afolabi is worth $750 million.


  1. Subomi Balogun (First City Monument Bank)

Ogun state born Subomi Balogun is the founded FCMB. The London School of Economics graduate, is an astute lawyer, philanthropist and banker who founded one of the most remarkable banks in Nigeria.

Although he is retired and handed the reins of administration to Ladi Balogun, he still wields great influence in the company.

He is said to be worth $700 million. Behind the success stories of these billionaire bankers is grit, sweat, resilience and hard work.

Their success is not something they did overnight, but years of putting up the hard work.

They have been able to sustain their work and ensured the viability of their banks through a sustained investment.


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The Christian religion is a foreign religion brought to Africa by European colonizers.

Over the decades, it has come to become the religion of millions of Africans even ingrained to the socio-cultural fabric of many societies, its appeal has eroded the African traditional religion.

Over the years, pastors, who are spiritual leaders have become influential people in the African society and over the course of their influence, they have been able to amass a huge fortune.

Their wealth can be seen through the opulence lifestyle they live which include the expensive suits they wear, the luxury cars they drive, the majestic mansions they live, the pious charities they do and awe gawking cathedrals they build.

We will look at Africa’s richest pastors and their worth.

  1. Alph Lukau South Africa ($1 Billion)

Alph Lukau is regarded as the richest pastor in Africa.

With a net worth of a billion dollars, he is the founder and general overseer of Alleluia Ministries International.

With its head office in Johannesburg, the church also has different branches scattered around South Africa.

Alph Lukau drives an array of luxurious cars which include a Rolls Royce, Range Rover and Bentley. He also owns two motorbikes and travels on his own private jet.

He lives in his mansion in Johannesburg.


  1. Bishop David Oyedepo Nigeria ($150 Million)

Bishop Oyedepo is a Nigerian born, pastor who is known for his no nonsense attitude, he is an erudite and a scholar of many written books.

Oyedepo founded the Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel and other parishes is all over the 36 states of the federation.

He is a controversial pastor who does not shy away from lashing out at government officials when they do wrong.

Oyedepo currently owns two universities, Covenant University and Landmark University. Bishop Oyedepo is said to have four jets, an array of SUVs and a Rolls Royce.


  1. Shepherd Bushiri Malawi ($150 Million)

Shepherd Bushiri is from Malawi but has churches in Malawi and South Africa.

His journey into the ministry began when he was just 10 years when he alleged that he had an experience of God.

He drives around all manner of cars and SUVs. His cathedral in South Africa is majestic wonder.


  1. Pastor E.A Adeboye Nigeria ($65 Million)

Daddy G.O as he is popularly called is the overseer of one of the most popular churches in Nigeria, the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He was formerly a Mathematics professor before joining the ministry as an interpreter. Under his spiritual leadership, the church has become a global spiritual house for people around the world.

He owns a fleet of cars which include a Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, and a Land Rover. He also owns two private jets.


  1. Uebert Angel Zimbabwe ($60 Million) 

The Zimbabwean preacher is the founder of Spirit Embassy. Although the church started in Africa, it has been moved to the United Kingdom. He is a graduate of Salford University and Boston University.

Uuebert lives a life of opulence. He travels in a flamboyant way with an exotic entourage.

His fleets of vehicles include cars, helicopters and motor bikes.

The wealth of these men of God has been questioned.

Although people have pointed out that they live large on the offerings and tithes paid by their followers, these men of God has said it many times that they do not need to take people’s Tithe before they eat, they are blessed as a result of the works they have done in the past and which they are still doing.

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Skepticism, anger and fear continue to trail the countenances of Nigeria as the Naira continues to plummet down against the Dollar even with rising Forex reserves.

The effect of these is the continued rise of prices of foreign goods such as cereals and electronics which has skyrocketed to all time high.

As of the time of writing this piece, the Naira is ₦550 to a dollar at the parallel market, while interbank rate is 410.

The rate at which the Naira continues to weaken has made people apprehensive hence they are tracking the exchange rates to know and understand what is happening to the Naira.

There are many ways by which you can track the foreign exchange rate, depending on your routine and work.

This article will help you identify five ways by which you can keep track of the Naira to Dollar/Dollar to Naira exchange rate.

  1. Exchange rates Apps

If you are one of the many Nigerians who taken a keen interest in the free fall of the Nigerian Naira, you are tech savvy and always with your mobile phone, downloading the NgnRates app

will be good for you.

You will be able to monitor the exchange rates not just the Naira to dollar but Naira to other currencies.

As changes occur, you will get notification that will keep you abreast of the latest happenings.

  1. Exchange Rates Websites

There are lots of exchange rates websites that gives updates on the changes that occur in the currency market. AbokiFX and Trade Naira are two websites that are prominent. Not only are they reliable, they are also efficient when it comes to giving the latest news in the exchange rates. Another benefit of these websites is that they help you understand how to trade on Forex.

  1. Newsletters

Newsletters are emails you get from subscriptions you made to some companies. If you are the type that checks your email first thing in the morning, checking out the newsletter sent by Stears Business will help you understand the exchange rate for that day.

Not only will they just throw figures at you, they use data and facts to drive those figures.

  1. Newspapers

Newspapers are also great avenues by which you can keep track of exchange rates.

The Nigerian guardian has a section called the daily monitor that tracks the exchange rate for the day.

Other newspaper agencies such as The Punch, The Nigerian Tribune, The Nation and so on have sections that track the exchange rates.

  1. Radio/TV news

Nigerians who are always stuck in early morning traffic are always in the habit of listening to the radio.

The early morning programs that include the daily news also give fresh updates on the exchange rates.

For instance Beat FM Morning Rush gives the latest updates on the happenings in the exchange rate. Through this medium, you will be abreast of the exchange rate.

A number of factors are behind the reasons Nigerians are now keeping tabs on the happenings in the exchange rates.

Freelancers who work in Nigeria and earn in dollars are keeping tabs because they might want to know when to cash out or otherwise.

Also, people that trade with dollars are also always on the lookout for the latest in the exchange rate.

The weakening of the Naira is a reason of poor policies made by the government and the Central Bank of Nigeria over the years as regards the nation’s economy.

As the Naira weakens, exchange rates go higher and the commodities that are gotten from abroad gets more expensive.

The actual truth is that, the masses are the ones bearing the brunt of this financial effect.  

Many Africans desire to study abroad either for their masters, PHD or even undergraduate degree, but they are constrained by access to information and finance.

There are fully or partially funded scholarships for your undergraduate or graduate degree; these scholarships will cater for your traveling expenses, allowances, tuition, accommodation and even health insurance.

Securing a foreign education comes with its perks.

Apart from having access to world class facilities and industry experts, you have access to grants for your research work, internship in multinational agencies that will improve your professional competencies and a multicultural network that can be tapped into future engagement.

The possibilities of a foreign scholarship are endless.

If you are seeking for a scholarship, this article will curate relevant websites where you can have access to scholarships for either your masters or PHD.

  1. Opportunity Desk: Opportunity Desk is a proven website for scholarships and fellowship updates. You will find all kinds of websites for any scholarship in any country. The website is user friendly and easily navigable.
  2. Opportunity for Africans: This is another website where you can find resources for exchange programs and scholarships. They also have job updates and blogs on how to apply for scholarships and jobs.
  3. Profellow: This is an American operated website that has information you might not see on the internet. If you are planning to school in America and seeking a graduate assistantship, this is the go to website. It has a lot resources on how to write a winning statement of purpose and how to request recommendation letters from your lecturer. It has a data base of Masters and PHD programs in the US.

  4. Youth Opportunities: Another platform where Africans can have access to information regarding a scholarship or fellowship. Its database is also top notch and you can easily filter what you need.
  5. Hey Success: A website that is cosmopolitan and student centric in nature, if you are a student and seeking for a scholarship, you will find the right information here. Furthermore, if you are seeking internships or jobs, they have access to openings in multinational cooperation such as FIFA, Warner Bros, Volvo, World Economic Forum, Disney and the likes. However, in order to enjoy some access to this benefit you might need to subscribe for a premium.
  6. Niche: This is another American website filled with mainly American schools. The website has an updated list of scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate study. They also have how to articles that will aid your application process.
  7. Scholarship Ads: What makes the website appealing is the fact that if you are spoilt for choice on where to go and study. This website has the list of all the continents and the schools and agencies that awards scholarships. It’s just for you to filter and find the right one for you.
  8. After School Africa: Apart from having a catalogue of scholarship of any kind for African students, they also have updates of entrepreneurship opportunities for African students. If you are business orientated and you seek mentorship and funding. This is the website for you.
  9. Afribary: This website is embedded with scholarship opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and interns. If you are also seeking grants for your research or academic work, this website has the latest opportunities.
  10. Scholars4dev: If you are seeking scholarships in the development space such as in public health, international relations, international development, rural development, agricultural extension and the likes, this is the go to website. It has everything you need as regards development of any country and awarding agency.
  11. Advance Africa: This is a website for Africans mainly. They have all information concerning any scholarship or fellowship around the world.
  12. Scholarship for international students: PHD candidates who are seeking international admission can check out this website for information. 80% of its updates are on PHD opportunities.
  13. Fully funded scholarships: As the name implies, you will have access to information of scholarships that will pay everything without you paying a single dime. From masters, PHDs and fellowships, the list is there on the website.
  14. Scholarship DB: a distinctive feature of this website is its knack to find scholarship information for ‘obscure’ courses like Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology and the likes. If you study one of the course under this category for your undergraduate and still having interest to pursue them for your graduate and you are seeking for scholarship, this is the website to go to.
  15. Scholarship Position: Apart from updating their website hourly on scholarships and fellowships, they have a career advice center where you can access for valuable advice.

It is imperative to scour through these websites thoroughly in order to get the information you need.

Having access to this information on these websites is free, except for Hey Success that charges for premium, you can still make use of the free plan to access the valuable resources.

Scholarship season is here, start working on your SOPs, reference letters, CVs, publications and that English proficiency exam.

All the best.


Many times, we struggle with life. We struggle with what to do, how to do and when to do certain things in our life. When we fail, we get frustrated and feel like ending it all.

Sometimes, the motivation to do things are not there because we believe it will not be a success based on past experiences. For instance, you applied for a dream opportunity, you put in lots of efforts and sleepless nights, ran around getting the proper documents and signatures and even meeting people to review your cover letters.

Then you end up not getting the opportunity, you feel your effort wasted and you fall into anguish. When next the opportunity comes again, you ask yourself, is it worth chasing again?

The truth is, without pains there will be no gains. Sometimes, the struggles we pass through in accessing certain opportunities are battle scars that make us appreciate it what we have.

Many times, we need motivation to be gingered in order to go after our goals and achieve them. Youtube is a wonderful platform to watch high octane motivational speeches that will inspire to go after your goals and achieving them.

Below is a list of 10 Youtubers whose channels are inspiring.

  1. Mateusz M

With over a million subscribers on Youtube, Mateusz’s channel is one of the most visited inspirational channels on the platform. His videos are like lightening fires that sets you up on your feet.

He uses the voice overs from Will Smith and Steve Jobs and their words that are powerful touches the core of your soul which arouses your emotions to get the job done.

  1. Tony Robbins

One of the most respected persons in business and life coaching is Tony Robbins.

His words are filled with life and always fired up with urgency. You get hooked when you listen to him because you don’t miss out on his takes.

He is one of the most revered motivational speakers not just on Youtube but in real life.

He currently has 1.24 million subscribers on his channel.

  1. Absolute Motivation

There is a feeling of hypnotization when you watch this channel.

So be careful when watching this video because you might get lost in it.

These motivations teach workout sessions, career growth and success.

This channel has over a million subscribers.

  1. Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is a passionate and excellent speaker. When you listen to him speak, you will start developing goosebumps.

If care is not taken, you start shedding tears of joy.

His words are powerful and are laced with real stories of life and he has a sense of humor.

His channel is very interesting and motivational.

He boasts of over a million subscribers.

  1. Brian Tracy

One of the reasons people watch Brian Tracy’s videos is due to his preciseness.

They are short and it touches the core of your soul.

His words carry value and with over 400 videos on his channel, he boasts of 1.27 million subscribers.

  1. Robin Sharma

He is a leadership coach that talks about people ‘leading without a title’.

He urges his listeners to become world class in anything they might be doing and hammers on seeing things from a new perceptive.

He has an impressive collection of videos on his channel.

  1. Basquiat Picasso

His channel is filled with wonderful videos that are moving and full of life.

The truth is, it can also melt your heart.

His speeches are so powerful that they will open up your emotions and wake up the power within you.

  1. Be Inspired

Within a year of its creation, this channel accumulated over five hundred thousand subscribers.

If you are in body building and you want to get the best from your gym time, this channel is the go to.

The videos in this channel also give fire to your soul and teaches wisdom.  It has over a million subscribers.

  1. Motivation Grid

If you are waking up for the day and you want to get fired up, go to this channel and you will not be disappointed. As you listen to the words of inspiration that emanates from this channel, you learn the tales of legends from them. You learn how to be a better version of yourself and it teaches how to stop the nasty habit of complaining.

  1. Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is an inspiring motivational speaker that gives powerful speeches on resilience, big dreams and overcoming fear. His channel is loaded with inspiring videos and over a million people have taken his courses online. Over the years, he has proven to be one of the most revered speakers of his time.

These channels ooze positive contents that inspires you to dream big, reflect about your life and pursue your goals.

You cannot afford to be less than who you are, you need to improve and become a better version of yourself.

If you are feeling down or you need that extra push, check out one of these videos and trust me, you will get the boost you need.


In 2020, the World Economic Forum published a report about the skills that will be in demand by 2025.

Out of that ten skills, two skills stand out which are the ability to use technology, control and monitor it and the ability to design and program.

Increasingly in Africa today, the best jobs are in the tech industry.

Gone are the days when children are mandated to study law, medicine, accounting, architecture and the likes in order to become a successful person. Software engineering and technology are now credible viable careers for lots of people.

Now, a product designer or a Cloud engineer in Africa may likely out-earn lawyer or banker by order of 2 or more.

Below are the list of top tech skills that are in demand and pay well.

  1. Product Management

Tech startups are emerging everywhere, FinTechs, EduTechs, AutomobileTechs, HealthTechs and the list goes on.

As they try to develop products in making life easier for people, there is a need for the personnel that will be in the middle of the production of these tech products.

This is where the Product manager comes in.

The product manager will be the one in charge of developing the product alongside a team of engineers and developers.

The product manager ensures that product that is being developed comes out right and every startup regardless of industry hires at least two product managers.

  1. Product Design

These are professionals who are in charge of designing and putting interesting features in apps in order to make the user interface appealing and the experience awesome for the product users.

They are known as creative genius and also goes by the name of the UI/UX guys.

Without them, the product manager cannot work, because he/she needs them to develop the app by using their creativity and tools.

  1. Cloud Computing

There is a huge demand for Cloud engineers due to many companies building their own cloud server systems.

The demand for cloud engineers who build and manage these servers are on the high.

4. Data Science

With the rise of big data, companies are demanding for the skills of data scientist to analyze their data.

Interestingly, all sectors in the tech industry are demanding for the expertise of data scientist because data is important in the building of products.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

With the massive changes occurring as a result of AI, programmers are in high demand.

The demand for AI professionals has grown over the years due to its adoption by major tech companies.

According to Linkedin, they ranked AI as one of the most demanding jobs of 2021.

  1. Machine Learning

A tech field that is quite exciting, innovative and profitable is Machine Learning. It is quickly emerging as one of the top tech skills to have.

Machine Learning has been adopted by tech companies for a long time, we see them as Siri on our I-phones and the Chatbots we message on websites and the cars that drive themselves in Europe and the US.

Every industry can adopt Machine Learning, the possibilities of its adoption are just endless and it makes business easy to operate.

  1. Mobile Development

It is estimated that there are over 3 billion smartphone users globally.

And the clamour for smart phones will continue to grow. This means mobile development will continue to feature as one of the top tech skills to have for a successful tech career.

What this means is that companies will continue to demand for mobile and app developers because apps are the premise on which smart phones are built.

  1. Robotics

The demand for robotic engineers gained trajectory during the pandemic thereby becoming essential workers that helped in the health and other essential sectors.

As a robotic engineer, you can help in developing automated robots in the health, agricultural, leisure, educational sector.

You can also program robots to become virtual assistants.

Robot engineers are highly demanded as the pandemic is still ravaging and this is the best time to learn about these skills if you are interested.

  1. Cybersecurity

For companies that are involved in the collection of data and information, it is vital for them to have a network structure that is secure.

This is the work of a cyber security officer. It is dangerous for such companies to have its security architecture breached because it can prove costly.

With the increase in data breach, it is imperative to have a cyber security officer that the security of data.

The average salary of cybersecurity officer is ₦450,000.

  1. Virtual and Augment Reality

Although Virtual and augment reality is mostly used in the entertainment industry, the health care, educational and advertising sector are now demanding for the services of people skilled in this area.

Although still relatively new in Africa, it has been projected that the demand for VR/AR will skyrocket by 2025.

These top tech skills are in high demand and the most interesting part is that you can work remotely as a professional with these skills.

Also, there is a tendency to work with foreign companies and earn in dollars as a freelancer. You can learn these courses online for free and for some you pay.

You can check out Coursera, EdX, Future Learn and other MOOC.

There are techs schools such Andela, Utiva and more that has been established to teach people these skills.

The changing nature of technology and the proliferation of the social media has ushered in new ways of advertising such as Influencer marketing on Instagram.

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and the likes have huge members of users going into billions of dollars.

Due to this massiveness of usage, businesses are now moving into these social media platforms to advertise their goods due to its cheapness and the fact that advertising on these platforms will reach a wider audience.

With social media comes influencer marketing. Instagram is one of the most used platform for influencer marketing.

And this brand of marketing has become one of the useful tools used by businesses, both large and small to get customers for their products and services.

They pay influencers with large followers to market their goods using influencing marketing.

And the success of influencer marketing has been highlighted in a report by Hubspot.

Businesses that can benefit and has benefited from influencer marketing on Instagram will be further explored in this article.

  1. Health care

The health care industry has taken influencer marketing with all seriousness.

For them, it is not just about selling a product or offering a service (although that is the main reason they are advertising online) it is about informing the general public about their health.

Although health care organizations are careful with the kind of influencers they use, they rather go for online influencers who have a strong followership and reputation and sometimes they bring in practicing health officials and they have been able to grow a large following.

  1. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is quite massive and it includes comedians, artists, actors, dancers and the likes.

Entertainers use influencer marketing to promote their latest movies, albums and shows.

In order to ramp up views for movies and songs, musicians and movie directors pay influencers to use influence marketing to push their songs and movies so that people will listen and watch it.

The entertainment industry and social media go together and since most of the fans of these entertainers are online, there is always a need to carry out influencer marketing to push products.

  1. Fashion and Beauty

Globally, the beauty and fashion industry is said to be worth over 500 billion dollars.

No wonder influencers such as Huda beauty with over 49 million followers, Nikki de Jagger with 15.1 million followers are using their followership to promote the brands of beauty products.

Beauty companies like L’Oreal, Avon, Mary Kay, Kose, Chanel, Natura, Revlon all use influencer marketing to push their latest beauty products for the world to see and buy.

  1. Food

One of the biggest businesses on Instagram is food business.

And food business sells all over the world.

The more people eat, they more chefs emerge to make delicious meals to whet the appetite of their customers.

There are influencers whose job is only to promote food.

They don’t do any other influencing marketing for any other industry except for food.  Influencers like elavegan, memysmoothiesandlife, jancisrobin, themodernproper.

  1. Travel and Lifestyle

Traveling is one of the past time activities people engage in.

Travel agencies and countries whose source of revenue are from tourism makes use of influencer marketing to urge people to travel to their countries for a weekend getaway.

Countries such as Dubai is making use of influencers to convince people to travel to their country.

The Maldives also is not left out of this.

Murad Osman, with over 3 million followers is one of the most coveted and revered travel influencers.

The travel business has taken advantage of the power of the social media and influencer marketing to boost sales.

Businesses are using influencer marketing for many reasons. Apart from reaching a wider audience, they tend to ride on the trust and the integrity built by influencers to market their products.

Owners of social media platforms are happy with this because it is win win situation for all.

With the knowledge that there are millions of people using Instagram, businesses pay influencers with large followers to advertise their goods.

In return, when fans see notifications of a new post from their favorite influencers, they log on, thereby making money for the social media platforms, check out the product and if they like it they buy. Influencer marketing on Instagram has gradually become a pretty big marketing niche of its own.

Everybody goes home happy.

Adaption of books into movies is a common phenomenon in Hollywood, however it may not be so common to find contemporary African novels turned making it to the big screen. For many of us who read, we have seen some of the books we read while growing up adapted into blockbuster movies.

Although some of the pieces of the books might get lost in the process of developing some of these movies, many of these films still pan out to become appealing to us.

Nollywood, unlike its American counterpart is not renowned for this.

Although Nollywood churn out loads of movies every year and is known as the second largest movie industry in the world, very few are adapted works.

There are great books that can be created into interesting contents for the teeming movie fans here in Nigeria.

It is just about being creative. Nollywood adaptation, although still an avenue waiting to be explored is a gold mine if Nigerian content producers are willing to explore.

And those who have, are reaping the fruits. There are a number of African books that have been turned into great movies. For instance, Chimamanda Adiche’s ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ has been developed into an awesome movie.

Mainframe production in the 90s adapted Akinwunmi Isola’s O Le Ku into a movie of the same name which was directed by Tunde Kelani.

Interestingly, the proliferation of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showmax and many more into Nigeria are enabling Nigerians watch various contents.

And in order to get into the Nigerian market, they are going into partnership with brilliant Nigerian movie producers and directors and buying rights of books to adapt.

This article will look into contemporary African novels that has been written and are being developed into movies.

  1. Swallow By Sefi Attah

Set in the 1980s, Swallow is a story of a young lady that tried to make ends meet by getting involved in drug trafficking at the behest of her friend.

It is a book that touches on morality, societal values and self-discovery.

The rights of the book were acquired by Kunle Afolayan and it will be streamed on Netflix when it comes out.

You can watch the trailer here.

  1. Americanah By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Americanah is a love story that also explores the issue of identity and race.

The book is set in Nigeria, United States of America and the UK.

The book will be adapted by HBO Max and Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’o (both casts in Black Panther) will be working together on the movie.

  1. Secret wife of Baba Segi’s wives By Lola Shoneyin

The book is about a rich chief known as Baba Segi who had four wives and seven children.

Unknown to him, his wives harbor a secret so great it could shatter him.

The book weaved through the layers of rivalry, polygamy, patriarchy and struggles of women pass in marriages. The book is also doused with a litany of humor.

The movie will be produced by Mo Abudu and will be developed into a series and will be streamed on the Netflix platform.

  1. Death and the King’s Horseman by Wole Soyinka

Written by Nigeria’s first and only Nobel Laureate for Literature, ‘Death and the King’s Horseman’ is a true life story of an actual event that occurred during the period when Nigeria was still under colonial rule. 

The horseman of a late king was stopped from embarking on a suicide as customs demanded by British officials.

The adaptation will be produced by Mo Abudu in conjunction with Netflix.

  1. Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

Nnedi Okorafor might be unknown, but she is an amazing and brilliant writer who is into Afrofuturism.

For your information, she is currently creating the popular Marvel Shuri character for the Black Panther book series.

The Binti series is a sci-fi book about an African girl that went to school in space due to her brilliance.

The book has won numerous awards and is currently being developed into a series by Hulu.

Nnedi is a recipient of numerous awards which include the Nebula Award and the Wole Soyinka prize for Literature.

One of her books ‘Who fears Death’ has also been picked up by HBO. R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones will be an executive director while Tessa Thompson will be joining in the project.  

Although there is an argument that pieces of written books might get lost in their development into movies, this can be curbed when scriptwriters and directors are able to creatively weave through these stories.

With streaming services jostling for the services of content creators, it seems writers and movie producers will be smiling to the bank as well.

Lots of people dream to become billionaires, very few people get to become one, every much fewer become black billionaires. As a billionaire, you will live a life of opulence and luxury. You will be able to have access to whatever you need, eat the best meals, travel to wherever you want to go to and buy the best designer wear. Literally, you will be able to live your dream. However for a black, being a billionaire is not easy because it takes hard work, consistency and dedication in whatever work you are doing.

Below is a list of black billionaires who are in their 40s and under.

  1. Rihanna (33)

We all know Rihanna for her songs and my favorite is ‘Work’. She is not just making her money from singing, over the years, she has delved into entrepreneurship. Rihana opened her fashion house known as Fenty foundation

and she is estimated to be worth over 1.7 billion dollars. She is one of the youngest female billionaires in the world. She is also an actress, an investor and owns a lingerie line.

  1. Lebron James (36)

Lebron James is the first ever basketball player who is still playing and amassed over 1 billionaire dollars in fortune. He currently earns over 400 millionaire dollars as a basketball player with the Los Angeles and has over 600 million dollars’ worth of investment in other ventures. He currently owns a 2% stake in Liverpool Football Club of England. He recently featured in a movie titled ‘Space Jam’.

  1. Robert Reffkin (39)

Robert Reffkin is co-founder of Compass Inc, an estate agency with its headquarters in New York. He is a graduate of Columbia University, where he got his B.A and MBA in Business Admiration. Robert has worked in different multinationals that include Goldman Sachs and McKinse & Co.  

Robert raised $450 million in IPO for his company  and Fintecology has reported that Compass Inc is currently valued at 7 billion dollars making Robert Reffkin a billionaire.

  1. Kelvin Okyere (40)

Kelvin Okyere is a Ghanaian businessman who got his fortune from oil and gas. He is the founder of Springfield Group, a multinational company that churns in an annual revenue of over $1 billion.

  1. Niyi Makanjuola (40)

Niyi Makanjuola is a Nigerian billionaire whose career has spanned many sectors that include finance, oil and gas, energy and aviation. With a double degree in Economics and Urban Planning from British Universities, he has been able to successfully navigate the entrepreneurial world and become a billionaire. He currently owns two successful companies. Caverton Helicopters, a company that charters and maintains airplanes for companies and Raven Resource Group, an oil and gas company.

Becoming a billionaire is not an easy feat. Most of them have been consistent with what they have been doing and they have been doing what they do for a very long time. Interestingly, most of them don’t set out to become billionaires, they only pursued what their passion and in the process became a billionaire.

Crime movies alongside con artist films are one of the favorite set of movies people tend to watch.

This is because these movies are intriguing and adrenaline pumping.

They are filled with suspense and the stunts are just unbelievable (which makes the movies more interesting).

For many movie buffs, going out on weekends to watch movies is quite tasking.

From navigating traffic and staying on a long queue to get movie tickets is one stress we don’t want to experience again.

The advent of streaming services like Netflix has made watching movies easy.

With the app downloaded on your phone and enough data, you can stream unlimited movies and shows from the comfort of your home anytime any day.

You also have the choice of watching your crime and con artist movies which you love.

Over the years, Netflix has been able to build an impressive library of crime genre which are riveting and puts you on the edge of your seat.

Below are the list of crime and con artist movies and shows you can enjoy by yourself, family and friends.

  1. Army of the Dead (Movie, Crime)

This is not just a typical Zombie movie, but one which a heist is involved.

Directed by Zack Synder, it explores an apocalyptic world of Zombies where a group of ragtag mercenaries led by David Bautista are sanctioned to steal a huge sum of money at an abandoned vault which was habited by blood sucking Zombies.

Little did they know that the dangers that lay ahead was not just blood sucking Zombies, but treachery within the group.

If you love action movies, this is the one for you.

  1. I Care A lot (Movie, Con Artist)

Don’t let the title fool you, this movie is one of the most interesting con movies I have ever seen.

As a fan of Rosamund Pike, I was not disappointed by the acting of the Golden Globe and Prime Time Emmy winner.

She nailed it.

This is a movie about a con woman who pretends to care for the elderly and makes herself their appointed guardian by manipulating the law.

And in the process, she gets access to their assets and rips them off.

She finally got mixed with a dangerous gangster who brought hell to her doorstep.

This is a movie you really want to watch.

  1. Focus (Movie, Con Artist)

This movie was released in 2015 and stars Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

This was the period when Margot was not  household name.

Or even featured as Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movies.

This is a top notch movie that adopted two different con movies into an elegant style ‘Shades’ and ‘House of Games’.

This is a movie about hustlers, con men and not losing focus on the game.

  1. The Irish Man (Movie, Crime)

Martin Scorsese has always been a controversial director, but his movies are always divine.

If you are a fan of Mario Puzo or you love the Sopranos, The God Father or crime movies that deals with mobsters, the Irish Man is there to watch.

Having two outstanding characters in the form of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in one movie is just heavenly.

The monologue was skillfully woven and delivered on a platter of exceptionalism to the audience.

My favorite monologue in the movie is ‘I heard you paint houses’.

You cannot understand the underlying meaning of these words until you watch this movie.

It is a must watch.

  1. Clickbait (Series, Crime)

I am sure you must have seen this series many times and pass.

You are one of those that judge a book by its cover.

As unpopular this movie is, it is underrated.

It dwells on the false image people portray on social media and how this can be destabilizing to you and your loved ones.

The actors might not be popular, but their performances are eye-catching.

  1. Lupin (Series, Con Artist)  

Lupin is a con artist who can also be successful in the art of espionage.

A master of disguise and deception, his scheming and illusions are what grips you on your seat.

The show is excellently woven, and it keeps you guessing.

You might think you know what the outcome will be, but in the end, you will realize it’s not really what you think it is.

It is part of the illusion.

The series is one of those you binge at a go.  

Theses are carefully selected movies and series that will make you appreciate creativity.  

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media network in the world. With over 1 billion users all over the world and over 8 million users in Nigeria, it is one of the most widely used apps alongside Zoom, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok in the country. Apart from just being a social network where people can interact and connect, a distinct feature of the media platform is the ability to share videos and pictures to your followers who can like, share and comment on them. This feature has enabled it to attract millions of followers all around the world.

Instagram, just like other social media platform has evolved over the years. Entrepreneurs use this platform to promote their businesses to inform the world what they do. And with the ability to advertise on the platform, entrepreneurs make use of this opportunity to reach more customers both within and outside their countries thus in the process make more money.

Despite the advantages the social media platform is bringing such as in connecting with loved ones, sharing life changing information, job opportunities and advertising goods and services criminals have decided to use this platform to scam people from their hard-earned money.

Check our post on how to avoid getting scammed on Instagram. If however you do get scammed we hope this articles helps you with what to do.

Instagram scamming comes in different shades and forms. Scammers disguise as business vendors informing the public they sell goods and provide certain services. While some, under the form of business entities seek investors to invest in their business schemes.  Interestingly, a lot of Nigerians fall prey to these phony acts. Another means by which people get scammed is by the annoying activities of online beggars popularly known as ‘bambiala’. These people will solicit for funds from different people to cure an ailment, pay hospital bills or tuition.

These pleas are fake and many of them are only on Instagram to scam people. Several times, young Nigerians especially ladies post on their wall how they were scammed by fake vendors who sells wigs, shoes, bags, clothes and other beauty enhancing wares. Once they get access to your money, they either block you or stop responding to your messages. Celebrities are not left out of these. Some of them have fallen prey to the ‘pleas’ of these ‘bambiala’ and fake accounts bearing the names of celebrities have been created in order to dupe unsuspecting fans. 

Another form of scamming which is quite popular these days is Instagram phishing. Through phishing, scammers get access to your Instagram account and use your identity for criminal activities. And if care is not taken, they might have access to sensitive information such as your banking details and in that process cart away all your money. Your account get phished when you get messages that makes you take actions such as clicking links you see via text messages or WhatsApp groups. These links serves as Trojan horses and when clicked enables scammers to have access to your Instagram account.

When you fall prey to these Instagram scams what do you do?

If you fall victim of fake online stores on Instagram or bambialas, the first thing you must do is to report the account to Instagram. Instagram has a strict policy against fraud and online scamming. The account will be blocked and be brought down and will not be able to carry out such criminal activities.

The next step is to write an email to the financial institution. They include your bank, the scammer’s bank and the Central Bank of Nigeria. You send an email detailing the transaction you carried out with the fraudster and you attach the screenshots of the debit alerts. From there, the financial institutions will work towards not only getting your money back but arresting the fraud.

When phished on Instagram, the first thing you must do is to change your password. When you change your password, the impersonator will not be able to have access to your account and in the process you have logged the person out.

When changing your passwords, adopt using unique ones that will have all manner of characters which will secure your account and will be hard to crack or remember by fraudsters.

If you realize that by having access to your Instagram account, your bank accounts might have been compromised, it is important you check on your account and block any transaction that might occur. Go to the bank as soon as possible and make any necessary changes so that your account will not be tampered with in the future.


Bank USSD Codes for money transfer is one innovation that has revolutionised banking business and services in Nigeria. The advent of the Global System Mobile Communications (GSM) ushered in the adoption of the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). This service ‘session’ has been adopted by financial institutions so that customers using feature phones can easily embark on financial transactions. And this is a major advantage of using the USSD service.

Although there were no charges for using this service previously, the federal government of Nigeria recently introduced a service fee of ₦6.98 for Nigerians using the platform. Nevertheless, Nigerians are still using the platform when need be because sometimes, it is easier and faster. Meanwhile, it must be noted that there is a cap limit to the amount of transfers a customer can make while using USSD. However, the limit varies across the various banks.   

Interestingly, using the USSD platform comes with its perks. Just like online banking, you can buy data, recharge cards, pay bills and embark on various financial transactions from the comfort of wherever you might be without stressing yourself. It must be noted that USSD transfers tend to come with service charges and they vary from bank to bank.

Also, you incur charges when you transfer money to an account within your bank and likewise outside your bank. And you can only use the phone number which you used in registering your account with the bank. Although a piece had been written before on the various USSD codes used by various banks in Nigeria, this article is set to update it.

Access Bank

For users of Access Bank, dial *901*Amount*Account Number. For instance, *901*25000*0816286947# from the registered phone number attached to your account. Then ensure your authenticate the transfer by inputing the last 4 numbers of your BVN which you alone must know.

If you want to transfer money to other accounts in different banks, dial *901*2*Amount*Account Number#. This transactions incurs a service fee of ₦80 only.


From your registered number, enter *326#, further dial the account number of the receiving account and then choose the bank of the recipient. Ensure you confirm that the details of the receiver tallies with what you have then when you are sure, authenticate the transaction by putting your 4 digit secret pin.

Fidelity Bank

Simply dial *770*Account Number*Amount#. Identify the bank which the money is going to and input your secret pin. Service charge for both inter an intra bank is ₦50.

First Bank

Just dial *894*Amount*Account Number#, pick the bank, confirm the amount you are sending and the name of the recipient then input your 4 secret pin, thereafter, you identify the account to be debited. The amount charged for transferring to other banks is ₦52.

First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

From the number you used in registering at the bank and which is linked to your account, dial *329*Amount*Account Number#.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

To transfer with your GTB USSD, dial *737# from the registered number attached to your account and follow the prompt carefully. There is a service fee, which the bank charges. ₦20 for intra bank transaction ₦25 for interbank transactions.

Heritage Bank

Dial *322*030*Account Number* Amount. Then identify the bank the money is being transferred to and the name of the account holder and type either the last 4 numbers at the back of your MasterCard or the 4 digit pin you created for USSD transactions.

Polaris Bank

To transfer money from your Polaris account to another account, type *833*Amount*Account Number# and simply follow the instructions. However service charges vary, while intrabank transfers cost ₦20 interbank cost ₦52.

Stanbic IBTC

To transfer within the bank, simply dial *909*11*Amount*Account Number#. But if it’s to another bank dial *909*22*Amount*Account Number#. Although the bank does not charge for intra bank transactions, it charges ₦52.50 for interbank transactions.

Sterling Bank

For users of this bank, you can transfer between ₦100,000 and ₦500,000. However, ₦500,000 is the maximum. To use this service on your phone and transfer to another Sterling Bank account dial *822*4*Amount*Account Number# follow the prompts and make your transaction. If you are sending the money to another account dial *822# pick the menu option that says transfer to other banks and carry out your transaction.

United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Regardless of the account you are sending money to be it a UBA account or another bank, UBA charges ₦70 as service fee. To use the USSD platform on your phone, dial *919*3*Account Number*Amount#. If you ae sure of the name and the account that pops up enter your four digit pin and make the transaction.

Union Bank of Nigeria

Simply dial *826*1*Amount*Account Number# and then follow the prompt to send money to a Union Bank account. But if you are sending to another bank simply dial *826*2*Amount*Account Number# and then follow the prompt. Perhaps you want to increase the limit of your financial transactions dial *826*8# and follow the prompt. For interbank services the bank charges ₦52.50, while sending money to Union Bank accounts are free.

Wema Bank

To use Wema bank’s USSD, dial *945# and follow the prompt religiously. However a service fee of ₦21 is charged for transfers within the bank and ₦52 to accounts outside the bank is charged for using USSD. Although the daily limit for USSD transfer is ₦20,000 it can be increased by visiting the bank for USSD transfer increment.


Zenith Bank


To transfer money to another person, regardless of bank, simply dial *966# and follow the prompt. Although there are no charges for intrabank transactions, there are charges for interbank transactions.

USSD codes for money transfer has come to become a mainstay in retail banking in Nigeria and it is one of the easiest means of embarking on financial transactions. People with smart phones opt to use USSD when they either have poor internet network or have no internet data to use internet banking. Financial institutions upon realizing that people are using USSD more are improving the services USSD will provide so that people will be comfortable using the platform for their financial transaction.

Are you thinking of changing your fashion sense as the year winds down?

Are you are tired of wearing the same set of shoes? Why not try out a pair of sneakers.

Sneakers can be worn on virtually anything and everything. You can wear sneakers with suits, agbadas, ankaras and on a pair of shorts.

If worn in the right way, a pair of sneakers will elevate and brighten your fashion level.

You can pick from a range of designer sneakers to wear. From Balaciaga to New Balance and Nike the list goes on and on.

Check out some of the latest sneakers that are trendy in 2021.

Oliver Cabel Low 1 Frost

Sneakers from this designer comes in white and they stylish.

It is simple to wear and not tool loud. You can easily rock it on a jacket and a pair of shorts.

Nike Air Max

If you are looking for something to wear for your early morning or evening stroll, the latest Nike Air Max is there for you.

Elegant looking, you can rock it with your friends as you play around on the basketball court.

Its sporty nature makes it appealing to athletes.  You can cope one here

Koio Capri Castagna


 This designer sneaker brand usually comes in brown and it is dignifying to wear.

It is best worn casually with a pair of jeans.

If you have a house party to attend to, Koio Capri Castagna is there for you to rock.

You can also adorn your feet with this magnificent piece of art as you attend a bachelor party. Want something like this, Check it out here.

Axel Arigato Clean 90

For lovers of Owambe looking to rock the dance floor with their shaku shaku, leg work and Alanta moves the Axel Arigato Clean 90 is there for you.

This designer wear can be worn with traditional wears especially on Ankaras and Agbadas.

The sleekness of the base of the shoe makes it easy for you to dance.

Not only will you dance to waoh the crowd, your leg work will make Michael Jackson beam with a smile. Get the Axel Arigato here

Adidas Originals Superstar

Although casual, it is stylish and it will go well on a nice piece of black or blue suit.

You can also wear it on a casual Friday while you rock it with a pair of jeans and nice polo shirts.

Sneakers comes in various shades of designs, shapes, forms and colors. The fashion brand for sneakers has evolved over the years. The interesting part is, it is unisex and you can never get tired of wearing it. It seems sneakers have come to stay.


Travelling is one of the major activities of man. There are many reasons why we travel, we travel either for vacation, business, social event, religious programs, political gathering and to visit a loved one.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in late 2019 and early 2020 put a stop to all forms of movement and travelling due to the global lockdown enacted by governments of various countries that stopped all manner of traveling.

Only essential workers-health officials, were only allowed to move around and travelling was banned in lots of instances. As time went on, the lockdown was eased and people who moved around for a relatively stipulated time were mandated to wear face mask, use hand sanitizers and social distance.

With the development of vaccines, the lockdown was further eased for movement and travel.

The easing of the lockdown and the development of vaccines has enabled people to move around and travel for events such as Euro 2020, Tokyo Olympics and the birthday of President Barack Obama. With the mutation of a new variant which is called the Delta variant, strict protocols have been put in place by various countries to check the spread of this deadly virus.

Now if you are travelling to most countries there are some Covid-19 management protocols in place. This article will profile twenty countries which people travel to and the Covid-19 protocol these countries have put in place to ensure the safety of everyone. You may find the information handy before getting on the plane to any of these countries.


Due to the recent spike of the Covid-19 virus in Australia, lockdowns have been enacted in many cities of Australia that include Victoria, Sydney and Melbourne.  Due to this phenomenon, sea and air borders are closed.

Only citizens, family members and permanent residents who have been in neighboring New Zealand can enter Australia and they must comply with Covid-19 protocols which include getting vaccinated, wearing of nose masks and quarantine for 14 days.

As at this moment, the border of Australia is closed for international travel.


With the low cases of Covid-19 in Canada, the government has announced that international travel into Canada will be allowed from September 7.

This means that before coming into the country, international travellers must be fully vaccinated and proof will be shown at the port of entry.

There is no quarantine procedure that has been put in place. But travellers must wear nose masks and embark on social distancing.


Denmark has categorized all countries into four different color category. Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Depending on the country you are coming and your history with the virus, you will be mandated to follow protocols.

However, as long as you are fully vaccinated with the required vaccine, you are not at risk. However, wearing facemask and social distancing is still allowed in many parts of Denmark.


Like Denmark, France has developed a color system to categorize all the territories and countries in the world. If you are from the Orange, Green and Yellow countries, you are not mandated to vaccinate before coming into France.

People coming from countries categorized in the red zone must have an important reason for coming to France, embark on a Covid-19 test before leaving their country and also do a test upon arrival and they must be quarantined for 7 days.

Foreign traveler who is not vaccinated, must quarantine for 10 days.


For foreign nationals coming into Germany, they must have a tangible reason to travel down there, show proof that they have been vaccinated and if they had once contracted the virus, they must provide proof of recovery, likewise, their Covid-19 test must be negative.

Furthermore, people coming from high risk countries must quarantine or self-isolate for a period of 10 days.


It is no longer mandatory for travelers coming into Greece to self-isolate. People coming from Europe and countries that are under the European travel pact have also been exempted from quarantining.

As long as they provide a negative test that shows that they are free from the virus.

Hong Kong

Since 20th of August, Americans and nationals from other countries, mainly from Europe and Thailand are mandated to self-isolate for a period of 21 days.

People coming from high risk territories are not allowed to come into Hong Kong.

Travelers coming from not high risk countries must present a Covid-19 test that is negative, which must be submitted via this website.


Vaccinated travelers can come into Ireland without undergoing a Covid-19 test and self-isolating. Foreign travelers that are yet to be vaccinated must undergo the test, self-isolate for two weeks and then take another test.

However, it is mandated for foreigners to fill a passenger locator form in order to know their whereabouts when in the country.


Visitors coming into Italy must tender a Covid-19 Certification gotten digitally. Visitors must show proof of vaccination and the result must be negative.

For people who had once contracted the disease, a certificate of full recovery from a renowned medical center must be presented.


For now, the government of Japan has banned travelling to Japan for leisure or tourism due to the high increase of the Covid-19 virus. You can only come into the country either for academic, business or for very important purposes.

The government has also created a list of countries whose nationals have been banned from entering except for special reasons.

And if you are coming into Japan to study, for business or other important related matters, there is a recommendation for vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers.


International travel is allowed to Mexico. Foreign travelers do not need to show proof of vaccination nor is there a need to be quarantined.

It is compulsory for foreigners when moving around adhere strictly to Covid-19 protocols.

However, US-Mexico land border is currently closed for any sort of movement till the 21st of September, but air travel is currently ongoing between both countries.

Americans are mandated to take a Covid-19 test before coming back into the US.


People coming from these countries are not mandated to show Covid-19 test or self-isolate when on arrival. But for nationals whose countries are not on this list, they must show proof of being vaccinated and must quarantine for two weeks.

New Zealand

Due to the severity of the Covid-19 virus in New Zealand, the country is under a national lockdown. Furthermore, international travel will commence in 2022.


Visitors coming to Portugal for essential activities are mandated to get the EU digital Certificate before entering into Portugal. Quarantine is not compulsory.


Traveling is allowed in Scotland. Scotland has also adopted the traffic light system to categorize countries, according to the severity of the pandemic in those territories.

If you are coming from countries with low level of Covid-19, you only need to get the EU digital certificate.

But if you are a visitor from a country that is high risk, you take a test before coming, then you quarantine once you get to Scotland for ten days.

On the second day of your isolation, you do the second post arrival test.


Entry into Singapore for any sort of activity has been banned. Vaccinated citizens from Germany, Hong Kong, Brunei and Macao are allowed entry.

Added to this, 48 hours before coming into Singapore, travelers from these countries must provide a PCR test which must be negative.

Upon arrival in Singapore, they must take another test. On the third and seventh day of their arrival, they must also take the Covid-19 test.


Spain allows for international travel as long as visitors are vaccinated. However, unvaccinated travelers must show that the Covid-19 test they did is negative.


The government of Switzerland is allowing foreign visitors into their country. As long as they provide proof that they have been vaccinated, they do not need to take any test before coming nor do they need to quarantine on arrival in Switzerland.

Unvaccinated American travelers are allowed to tender a negative PCR test at the point of entry.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is strict when it comes to Covid-19 procedure.

Countries under the red list who are at high risk are not allowed into the country except they are citizens or permanent residence and even at that, they must undergo the PCR test, quarantine and get vaccinated.

But visitors from low risk countries must tender a negative Covid-19 test and still embark on another one upon arrival, but quarantine is not mandated.

United States of America

Visitors coming into the United States must be vaccinated and it is mandated that they have along with them a PCR test indicating negative.

And the test result must not be more than 3 days old prior to boarding the flight.

The return of international travel is essential because the effect of the lockdown on the global economy is running into billions of dollars.

To curb the spread of the virus, strict protocols have been put in place by countries to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, it is mandatory to use nose masks, embark on social distancing and use hand sanitizers when necessary. Even with the development of vaccines, the Covid-19 has mutated and another variant-the Delta Variant has emerged which is said to be deadlier than the previous ones. As economic and social activities gain trajectory, some countries have gone into another round of lockdown due to the outbreak of the Delta variant while some are still restricting international travel. From all indications, the virus has come to stay.


One of the requirement for driving a car anywhere in the word is to have a license. A license indicates that you are fit to drive a car without causing any harm to anyone be it motorist or pedestrians. In Nigeria, it is mandatory to have a driver’s license before taking your car out on the road. Failure to adhere to this rule attracts a fine from the authorities. And in Nigeria, you never can tell when you will be stopped by the appropriate authorities who will want to check if you have your license with you.

Furthermore, it is imperative you renew your license a month before the expiration date because there is no grace period for expiration. When you are caught driving your car after the expiration period, you will definitely be penalized.

In order to renew your license in Nigeria, follow these easy steps.

  • Log on to
  • Click on renew.
  • Complete the application form for renewal by entering your details which include name, date of birth and license number.
  • There is a section that will ask you if you want to recapture your bio metric information, click on NO.
  • Proceed to make the necessary payment online and print out the receipt for further referencing.
  • Proceed to pick the nearest Driver’s License Center that is closest to you for collection purpose.

Once you have been able to follow these steps and you have been able to get your license, you are free to drive your car anywhere. Remember to keep in mind when your driving license will next expire so that you can quickly renew it in order not to get fined or penalized.